Travel Time 09.11.22 Costa Marchigiana Pesaro Urbino 
A 6.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in north-central Adriatic Sea. The figure shows the Forecast-points (green points) in which the alert levels are estimated. 

This morning, 09.11.22, at 07:07 a.m. Italian time (06:07 UTC), an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 was localized in the north-central Adriatic Sea, offshore the Marche coast, in the coast facing the province of Pesaro-Urbino and Ancona at geographic coordinates (lat, lon) 43.94N 13.30E and a hypocentral depth of about 12 km

The earthquake magnitude and the hypocentral localization, according to the decisional matrix, activated the Tsunami Alert Center service that at 06:13 UTC, sent an INFORMATION message to the Civil Protection Department and to the Mediterranean Countries subscribing the CAT services.  

The INFORMATION message - identified by the green-colored points on the map (Forecast-points, points where the alert levels are estimated) - is, as explained by the word itself, an information message and NOT an ALERT message. In fact, according to the decision matrix parameters, this message is issued for earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 to 6.0 that occur at sea or in coastal areas and with hypocenter depths of less than 100km. 
In this case, a tsunami is unlikely to occur. However, modest changes in sea currents and anomalous wave motions may occur in areas adjacent to the epicenter, particularly within harbors or bays.

✉️ Information message (English Version)