Evacuation NZFind out beforehand about your municipality's emergency plans, in schools and workplaces: should there be an event, always follow the instructions of the Civil Protection officials or of the safety officers. If there are escape routes indicated, follow these.

Before the event, identify the dangerous areas, find out about the safety of your home and of the places that surround it, study and memorise the escape routes and times and the muster points.

In particular, check whether your house is located in a flood zone, whether it is on flat land near the coast, or if it is in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

If possible, inquire about the height of your home above sea level: this information can be very important to understand what to do in case of an event.

If possible, prepare a bag or backpack to keep near the door with first aid and survival materials, water, food and other basic necessities, a radio, a knife, a lamp and a few metres of rope. These can be very useful in case of an alert.

Take part in the Civil Protection information activities and drills: you will learn basic knowledge in order to deal with this phenomenon.

More information on the Civil Protection website.