Tsunami Service Providers

The following are the Tsunami Service Providers which have already been accredited by the IOC-UNESCO and those which are operational within the ICG-NEAMTWS:

– Sistema d’allerta e mitigazione del rischio tsunami del Pacifico (Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System - PTWS):

Caribbean and neighbouring regions  (CARIBE EWS) 

Tsunami risk warning and mitigation system in the Indian Ocean  (IOTWMS)

North-east Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas (NEAMTWS):

  • Tsunami Alert Centre, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Italy

Legal notice

Information on tsunami forecasts does not come from the IOC-UNESCO. It is provided by the Tsunami Alert Centre in support of the activities of the ICG-NEAMTWS. Responsibility for reporting to their citizens and communities therefore lies with the national organisations responsible, which operate within the legal framework of the sovereign nation in which they reside and where they provide the service. The IOC-UNESCO does not warrant nor make any representation concerning the timeliness, currency, correctness, accuracy, reliability or other aspects of the characteristics or use of the information