30.01.23 Isocrone Malta Information A 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in Mediterranean Sea, offshore Malta. The figure shows the Forecast-points (green triangle) in which the alert levels are estimated. The isochrones (concentric curves starting from the epicenter) represent the tsunami propagation times estimated in the rapid simulation. 

Today, 30.01.23, at 20:55 Italian time (19:55 UTC), a 5.6 magnitude earthquake was located in the central Mediterranean Sea, off the Malta coast, at geographic coordinates (lat, lon) 34.98N 14.34E and a hypocentral depth of about 9 km. The epicenter, offshore, was located about 167 km from the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa (AG) , 199 km from Pozzallo (RG) and 202 km from Portopalo di Capopassero (SR).

The earthquake's magnitude and hypocentral location, based on the decision matrix used, activated the Tsunami Alert Center service, which at 21:04 Italian time (20:04 UTC), sent an INFORMATION message to the Civil Protection Department and the Mediterranean countries subscribing CAT services.