Isocrone 11.01.22 Cipro The earthquake occurred this morning offshore Cyprus island has generated an Advisory tsunami warning. The figure shows the isochrones (lines that theoretically connect all points reached by the tsunami in a given time interval from the origin and measured on the forecast points represented by triangles that according to color shows the warning level) in this case are locally yellow on the shores close to the epicenter of the earthquake, green where are not expected sea level changes (and alerts).

An earthquake of M 6.4 occurred at 01:17 UTC time today, 11 October 2021, offshore northwestern coast of Cyprus Island (coordinates: Lat. 35.08 N, Lon. 31.84 E) at about 20 km depth.

The tsunami service providers operating in the region: KOERI (Turkey), NOA (Greece) and CAT-INGV (Italy), have issued an Advisory tsunami warning message for the Cyprus island coasts nearby the earthquake area. The data composing the messages sent by the three TSPs showes strong coherence in the values (Lat., Lon., Mag., Depth) indicating a significant progress compared to the past, as a result of the development of the three countries' warning systems and the adoption of common analysis strategies. 

In this case two messages have been sent: the first Advisory warning message - based on the earthquake magnitude and the epicenter proximity to the coast - the second one of cancellation. This second message was sent by CAT-INGV about more than 4 hours after the earthquake, not observing signals of sea level anomalies recorded by the mareographs in the area affected by the event.