Mappa Creta 02.05.20

CRETA 02052020 2
The figure shows the Isocrones ( theoretical lines that connect all the points reached by the tsunami wave in a given time interval from the origin and measured on the forecast points represented by the triangles that according to the color evoke the alert level, in this case: red in the stretches of Crete (GR) coast, yellow in the stretches of Greece, Turkey, Libya in the north-western Egyptian coast and green where no tidal varations are expected) and alert levels for the event in Greece on May 02, 2020.

Creta3 Mareografo Ierapetra

Creta2 Mareografo Ierapetra

Creta Mareografo Ierapetra

At 14:51:05 Italian time on May 02, 2020, an earthquake of magnitude Mwp 6.7 was located offshore Crete (GREECE), about 10 km deep.

✉️ First Watch alert message ( 1 Inglese | Italiano ?).
✉️ Second watch alert message | Ongoing ( 2 Inglese | Italiano ?).
✉️ Third watch alert message | Ongoing ( 3 Inglese | Italiano).
✉️ Fourth end of alert message Watch ( 4 Inglese | Italiano ? )

The earthquake, in this case, generated a Red alert level - Watch (see decision matrix) on the southern coast of Crete Island, Orange alert level - Advisory on the coasts of Greece, Turkey and Libya, Green - Information in the whole Mediterranean basin. Communication flow included the sending by the system of 4 messages (first alert message, two confirmation messages and one closing message).