Isocrcone Grecia Turchia 30.10.2020

dodecanese 30.10.20 HMax

Movie YouTube .001The movie shows the tsunami propagation generated by the earthquake. The left panel shows the tsunami propagation in the Aegean Sea, while the right panel shows the tsunami propagation around Seferihisar, where several amateur videos document the inundation effects.
Mareografo Syros Grecia 30.10.2020

Today, October 30, 2020, at 12:51:05 a.m. (italian time), a magnitude Mwp 7.0 earthquake was located in the Aegean Sea offshore Samos (GREECE) to (lat, lon) 37.84, 26.81 coordinates and about 10 km deep.

✉️ First alert message Watch ( 1 English  ).
✉️ Second alert message Watch | Ongoing ( 2 English ).
✉️ Third alert message Watch | Ongoing ( 3 English ).
✉️ Fourth message, end alert (closing) Watch ( 4 English ).

The earthquake, in the specific case, has generated a Watch alert level (see decision matrix) for the Dodecanese islands and the Turkish coasts along the Aegean Sea issued after 8 minutes from the earthquake by CAT-INGV. An Advisory Alert has been issued for the other regions of Greece and Turkey. The other countries on the Mediterranean Sea (including Italy) have received an information message indicating that there will be no change in sea level. Communication stream consisted of 4 messages sent by the system (first alert message, two confirmation message and a closing message).