27.09.21 Creta TravelTimes Isocrone

The earthquake occurred this morning in Crete has generated a tsunami warning. The figure shows the isochrones (lines that theoretically connect all points reached by the tsunami in a given time interval from the origin and measured on the forecast points represented by triangles that according to color shows the warning level) in this case are locally yellow on the shores close to the epicenter of the earthquake, green where are not expected sea level changes (and alerts) for the event of 27.09.21 in Crete in Greece.


An earthquake of magnitude Mwp 6.1 occurred at 08:17:23 Italian time on September 27, 2021, with epicenter on land in the island of Crete in Greece (coordinates: Lat. 35.14, Lon. 25.25) at about 13 km depth. Epicenter was located in a area that historically was affected by strong earthquakes that generated tsunamis (events of 1494, 1741 - Maramai et al. 2019, https://doi.org/10.13127/tsunami/emtc.2.0)  

The INGV-Tsunami Alert Center sent the first warning message 7 minutes after the earthquake. 

In this case, two warning messages were sent (although it is an advisory warning) due to the earthquake magnitude and the proximity of the epicenter from the coast (look at the decisional matrix). However, since the mareograph in the area affected by the event did not show any anomalies, the warning was revoked.

✉️ First warning message: Advisory (English).

✉️ Second message: Advisory warning revoke (English).