18.03.21 Algeria AdvisoryForecast-points (green and yellow triangles) where alert levels are estimated. The isochrones (concentric curves starting from the epicenter) represent the tsunami propagation times estimated in the rapid simulation.
Epicentro Algeria 18.03.21

A magnitude Mwp 6.2 earthquake was localized by the INGV Seismic Monitoring Room at 01:04 (Italian time) today, March 18, 2021. The epicenter was located in the sea, north of Algeria at about 13km depth. The CAT-INGV at 01:14 (italian time) has issued a tsunami alert level Advisory for the coast of Algeria near the epicenter and an information message for the other Mediterranean Sea coasts where the tsunami is unlikely to produce a significant impact (including Italy).

However, exposed coastal slopes, harbors and bays, although at considerable distances, could be affected by the tsunami, as observed along the coastal slope of Teulada (SU) in Sardinia, where small anomalies generated by the tsunami have occurred. 

At 02:48 Italian time, the CAT-INGV issued a tsunami confirmation message for the Algerian coast near the epicenter where sea level variations and currents are probable.

At 03:34 Italian time, the CAT-INGV issued the END OF ADVISORY message.

Below are the messages generated by the communication systems for tsunami alert in the NEAM area (North-East Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas Tsunami Warning System) of which the INGV Tsunami Warning Center is part.

✉️ First alert message Advisory (for Algerian coasts) ( 1 English ).
✉️ Second Alert Advisory confirmation message (for Algerian coasts) ( 2 English ).
✉️ Third message, end of alert (closure) Advisory ( 3 English ).